Mama Buci honey is lovingly hand-harvested by over 7000 trusted families in the virgin Miombo forests of Central Zambia. The amber, polyfloral, raw honey is produced from hive to bottle with no additives, preservatives, economic adulterants or other nasties. In fact, our honey is so delicious that it was awarded a UK Great Taste Gold Award in 2014.

Through each step of the beekeeping and harvesting journey, we make sure that the clarity and flavour of our honey stays the same. We work with Zambian locals to build specially designed tree top beehives that make harvesting honey easier and kinder to the environment. These hives are designed to improve on the traditional African ‘bark hive’ method of beekeeping which unfortunately damages the trees over time. Our hand built hives are sustainable, permanent, and help to produce the purest and most delicious tasting honey possible.

Zambian man in hive workshop

We can’t take all the credit for its delicious taste though, as it’s the millions of bees that do most of the hard work. The African bees take their pollen from a rich variety of wildflowers in the Miombo forest that change from season to season. This is why we have two different types of honey, our summer and winter harvest.

Summer Harvest

The Summer Harvest has a light amber, floral taste with tantalising hints of aniseed and fennel. It’s earthy flavours make it a great accompaniment to cheese or other savoury foods.

Winter Harvest

The Winter Harvest has a rich, sweet, dark amber flavour with comforting hints of black treacle. It tastes scrumptious spread over toast, drizzled over yogurt or stirred in your favourite brew.

The Journey

— 1

Specially designed bee hives are crafted locally in the Mama Buci workshop.

— 3

We pull the hives up into the trees in an area of the Miombo Forest.

— 2

The Village Chief selects a deserving family to receive Mama Buci Hives

— 4

The honey is harvested and the beekeeping family is paid an above market price for it.

— 5

The honey is collected and transported to Mama Buci’s Central Zambian factory where it’s refined and cold filtered.

— 6

Pure, raw, Mama Buci honey is sold locally and shipped around the world to all our hungry honey lovers.

— 7

Our profits go back into helping more families get beehives and into improving the local neighbourhoods.