Founders letter

Welcome! My name is Martin Zuch, founder of Mama Buci. I want to share with you our exciting journey of how we got to where we are today, building over 150 bee hives a day and helping over 7000 families improve their quality of life.

The idea for Mama Buci sprung from the ashes of a business venture in Zambia to provide livelihoods for locals by planting banana plantations. The banana project was riddled with obstacles and in the end we lost them. I was determined however not to give up on my mission of providing opportunities for income in the impoverished region of Zambia and to continue sustaining the school we had built. It was through a conversation with my dear friend, John Enright, who was doing missionary work in the area, that he mentioned the potential of commercial bee keeping in the area.

We decided to combine our efforts and explore how we could build an infrastructure of bee keeping communities in the area. After 2 years of struggling with technical problems involved with the bee hives themselves John came up with the new design of the tree top bar hive. To our delight, the bee hives started flourishing, producing over 12kg of honey on average per hive in a structure that, if maintained properly, could last a life time. That’s when we knew we had found something with the potential to really make a difference.

Now we are building over 150 bee hives a day, 5 days a week, in our local Zambian workshop. We have provided over 70,000 bee hives which will produce over 400 tonnes of delicious raw honey this year alone. This success has also allowed us to go some way to achieve our other goals for the Zambian communities by improving the lives and education for the local children.


In 2006 we set up the Luyando school in Kamafwesa which now houses over 420 children and provides work for 11 local teachers. The school has made such a difference to the prospects of this community and our goal cache_2421097365is to continue to build more schools as Mama Buci grows. We also set up the charity Give Hope International which operates in Zambia, Malawi and Ethiopia to send children to school and at the same time provide their families with food so they can sustain themselves without needing the help of their children. We also run a scheme in Ethiopia for children with HIV to obtain the same support.

Through the help of dear friends, honey lovers worldwide and our passionate ambassadors, Charlie Mackesy and Bear Grylls, we are spreading the message of our venture far and wide so we can continue to help more families, build more schools, and provide you all with a delicious, healthy and soulful alternative to mainstream honey products. By purchasing a pot of our honey you are becoming part of the growing Mama Buci story and directly affecting change in communities that really need our help.