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Describe the storage and transportation process of the honey as it leaves the forest?2022-02-15T09:52:39+00:00

The sealed honey buckets are transported by truck to a honey storage facility located centrally to the general geographic region the honey was harvested. These temporary storage facilities are built specifically to store the honey following the specifications and procedures outlined in the HACCP Certification process. From there, the sealed buckets are transported by truck to the storage facility at our Honey Processing facility.

Do you have your own honey producers or do you purchase the honey from independent producers in Zambia?2022-02-15T09:49:13+00:00

All honey is harvested from hives manufactured by our Zambian partner Bee Sweet Honey by trusted local beekeepers within the community, trained by Bee Sweet Honey.

Do you sell your products wholesale?2022-10-21T10:36:40+01:00

Our range of honey and beeswax is available wholesale to the trade. If you are interested in purchasing our honey or beeswax wholesale, please email us at wholesale@mamabuci.com or visit this page for more information.

How and where is the honey extracted from the hives?2022-02-15T09:46:40+00:00

The honey is extracted by professional harvesters equipped with modern beekeeping uniforms. The process is completely sanitary. Our unique pulley system assures the bees are only minimally, and briefly impacted. The honey is deposited directly into sealed, numbered and cataloged buckets adhering to a process reviewed, approved, and inspected for approval.

How do you package the honey?2022-02-15T09:45:01+00:00

For local Zambian retail sales the honey is put in jars, labeled and sold in various retail outlets. (350g, 500g, 3kg). For bulk sales, we will ship in 300kg food grade steel drums.

What does ‘cold filtered’ mean?2022-10-11T12:31:35+01:00

‘Cold-filtered honey’ is honey that has been filtered using nothing but a fine sieve, because of this it’s extremely beneficial with natural pollen, amino acids and enzymes still intact.

What does ‘gently warmed’ mean?2022-10-11T12:33:54+01:00

To transfer our delicious honey into the small jars that fit into your cupboards at home the honey has to be very gently warmed up to a maximum temperature of 35 degrees celsius (as per the Soil Association Organic Honey standard). Our bottler has years of experience in dealing with honey and ensures the temperature is always right to avoid any damage being made to the properties of Mama Buci Honey. This process allows the honey to stay in its liquid state for longer but ensures all the nutrients and live enzymes remain in each jar.

What is blended honey?2022-10-11T12:35:03+01:00

Mama Buci honey is NEVER blended. Blended honey is a mixture of two or more honeys differing in floral source, colour, flavour, density or geographic origin. It often also contains additional ingredients such as sugar or corn syrup. In the UK You can check on the back of any honey pot or jar in your local supermarket to see if the product has been blended.

What time of year is the harvest?2022-01-08T11:59:41+00:00

Twice a year, in May and November.

Which African port will the honey ship from?2022-01-08T12:05:44+00:00

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