Our vision is to bring ethically produced, sustainable, all-natural premium honey from the heart of Africa to the rest of the world

Mama Buci honey is lovingly hand-harvested in the Miombo forests of central Zambia. Our amber, poly-floral, pure honey makes its way from hive to home with no additives or preservatives.

Our sustainable treetop bar hives are hand-built by Zambian locals. They are specially designed to make harvesting easier and kinder to the environment and ensure they produce the purest honey possible.

Through each step of the journey, we make sure that the clarity and flavour of our honey is never compromised.

African man in workshop
Great Taste Award 2023

Our honey is so delicious it was awarded a 
UK Great Taste Gold Award in 2014, 2018 and again in 2023!

We’re very proud of our three-star award.

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Staggered image showing two jars of Mama Buci honey - Summer Harvest and Winter Harvest

Our honey is…

  • Pure and cold-filtered

  • Made by wild African bees
  • Naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

  • Unique in taste
  • Free from additives and preservatives
  • Ethically and fairly sourced from small-scale beekeepers
  • Sustainable
  • Gently warmed so it can be transferred into our 340g jars*

*The temperature never exceeds 35 degrees celsius (in line with guidelines from the Soil Association for Unpasteurised Organic honey) to ensure all the nutrients and live enzymes remain in each jar.

The bees take their pollen from a rich variety of wildflowers that change from season to season.

This is why we offer two different types of honey:

Image showing Mama Buci honey - Summer Harvest

Summer Harvest

The Summer Harvest has a light amber, floral taste with tantalising hints of aniseed and fennel. Its earthy flavours make it a great accompaniment to cheese or other savoury foods.

Winter Harvest

The Winter Harvest has a rich, sweet, dark amber flavour with comforting hints of black treacle. It tastes scrumptious spread over toast, drizzled over yogurt or stirred into your favourite brew.

Image showing Mama Buci honey - Winter Harvest

The Journey


Specially designed beehives are crafted locally in the Mama Buci workshop.


The village chief selects a family to receive the hive.


The hives are placed in trees in the Miombo Forest.


The honey is harvested and the beekeeping family is paid at above market rates.


The honey is collected and transported to Mama Buci’s central Zambian factory where it is refined and cold filtered.

Shipped Worldwide

Pure Mama Buci honey is shipped around the world to honey lovers everywhere.

Giving Back

Our profits go back into helping more families acquire beehives as well as supporting local communities.

Help us help more families

We hope to continue helping more families, build more schools, and provide you all with a delicious, healthy and soulful alternative to mainstream honey products. By purchasing a pot of our honey you are becoming part of the growing Mama Buci story and directly affecting change in communities that really need our help.